1. What is eCommerceIntro?

eCommerceIntro is one of the best ecommerce provider based in Malaysia. We provide the best ecommerce solution for any business who wants to start up an online store or get their business online.


2. What do I need to get started?

eCommerceIntro is all you need. We’ll guide you from zero to hundred. Once you have a business idea in your mind, kindly contact us for further instructions.


3. I own a business, how can I start my online store with you?

First, go to our sign-up page and fill in your information, our team will contact you as soon as possible to get all the required information from you.


4. What information do you need in order to escalate the sign-up process? I wish to start as soon as possible.

Kindly provide us with your business name, business profile and business nature. If you already have an existing website or online store, let us know what you want to do about it.
Upload your business related images to a Cloud service such as Box, Dropbox or Google Drive and then share the account with us.

If you have a special preference in your ecommerce website design or template, kindly draft out in an image of PDF file. However, please note that we do not build website from scratch.


5. Can I use my own domain name and hosting plan?

The short answer is YES. You must have the ownership of the domain and then point it to our server. At this moment, we require all our clients to host their ecommerce website in our server hosting. This is because we are unable to support and troubleshoot issues that occur in a third party hosting server.


6. Is there any monthly fees, transaction fees or hidden charges?

Absolutely no. What you see in our pricing table is what you need to pay. Our charging structure is one-time fee with recurring yearly fee for support and maintenance. Unlike other ecommerce providers, we do not charge any monthly fee or transaction fee.


7. What currencies are supported?

eCommerceIntro supports almost every currencies in the world. However, in order to receive payment in a specific currency, you will need to make sure your payment gateway supports it. For more information about payment gateway, kindly contact us.


8. How is your ecommerce system different than others?

If you read through our home page, you should have already noticed quite a few. We do not charge monthly fee, no transaction fee, you own your ecommerce site license, customizability and so much more!


9. Do I need to understand HTML, PHP and any other programming language to use your system?

No. You do not need any of that knowledge in order to use and maintain your ecommerce website from us. Although some of that knowledge can help to facilitate some of the customizations on your website, it is not necessary as we will do all the programming on our side.

A basic computer know-how is needed however, as you are reading this in your computer, we bet you already have it!


10. How long can I expect to get my ecommerce website done?

This depends greatly on your requirements. Our standard turnover time to complete a ecommerce site is around 2-3 weeks. This can be shorter or longer depends on the complexity of the project.


11. I’m convinced, how can I pay you?

We accept payment via bank transfer, cheque and even cash on delivery. PayPal and credit card are acceptable at an extra rate of 4%.

1. Is your ecommerce system secured?

We understand that security is one of the major concern for people who want to conduct business in ecommerce. So, our system is secured with cutting edge technology and advanced coding to minimize the chance of abuse and hack.

Upon request, we will implement a 2-step login to secure your website even further. However, all customers are advised to use a strong password and NEVER share, written down or publish it to anyone, anywhere.


2. Can I edit the website content on my own? How?

Yes you can easily edit the website content on your own. If you refer to the documentation, you can edit your information pages such as About Us, Payment Method, FAQ etc. by using the built-in user friendly CKEditor.

Using the editor is as easy as using Microsoft Word.


3. How many images, products and categories can I create?

You can create UNLIMITED images, products, categories and sub categories. There is no limitation or restrictions in this. It is one of our main selling point!

We will help you to create up to 10 categories and upload 10 products as an example for you to follow. You will need to create and upload the rest of your categories and products on your own. Should you require our assistance on top of the 10 categories and 10 products, we will charge RM10/category and RM10/product.


4. Can I design my own ecommerce store?

If you have sufficient knowledge to do it yourself, yes you can. You will have full access to the source code, as long as you know what you are doing, you can do it yourself. However, we will not support any design related issue once you have tampered with the design or website layout by yourself.


5. Can the website design or template be changed?

Yes, our ecommerce system support design template, so your website template can be easily changed at a click on a button.


6. Can I migrate my old website data into your system?

Yes and maybe no. Depend on how your old website or ecommerce system is written, you may not may not migrate the data into our system. If you can export out your old website data in CSV format, then the compatibility is higher.

Data that you should be able to migrate are customers data and products information.


7. Do your system support Bulk product upload and download?

Yes, kindly navigate to Import/Export tool to do bulk upload and download.

1. Where can I find tutorials and guides?

You can find them in our Documentation section.


2. What is your support hours?

We provide email and phone support (Deluxe and Ultimate) from Mondays to Fridays, 9AM – 5PM.


3. Will you help to backup the system for me?

We will set-up a daily/weekly automated backup upon request. However, we strongly encourage our clients to do their own backup for safety purpose. Make sure you download a copy of the backup into your local PC as an extra precaution step.


4. The website is done but I have no sales, will you help?

Yes. On top of ecommerce website design service, our company also provide SEO, Google advertisng, Facebook advertising, email marketing and other online marketing services which can help our clients to boost their sales online. Kindly contact us for more information.


5. My website is down / email is not functioning and I can’t contact you because it is after support hours.

Our support hours is not 24/7, however, our hosting partner is. Website performance and email issues lie within the hosting server and provider side, so you will need to contact our hosting provider and escalate your issue to them in order to get a prompt and accurate support.

Hosting partner contact will be provided to  you once the website is completed.


6. I accidentally delete an item / change something and now my website is acting weird or malfunction, will you help?

Once again, we strongly recommend you to do a full backup before you attempt to do anything you aren’t familiar with. In the case of accident, we will try our best to restore it for you at an extra charge.

1. 30+ Standard Features

All our plans from Professional, Deluxe to Ultimate consist of 30+ standard features come pre-installed. These features are listed in our home page.


2. FREE Lifetime Domain (.com/

All our plans come with free lifetime domain name! As long as you renew your subscription with us yearly, we will renew your domain name for free!


3. Unlimited Products & Categories

Our platform does not limit on how many products and categories you can create inside. However, take note that there is a space limit in your hosting plan, so if each product takes 1MB of space, you can upload almost 100,000 products on our Ultimate plan.


4. Unlimited Email Account

You can create as many email accounts as you like, there is no limit in your hosting plan! However, take note of the space your email use as there is a limitation on your storage space (Ultimate plan has 100GB storage).


5. 25GB/50GB/100GB RAID10 Storage

Depending on which plan you sign up for, you will get different amount of storage space in your account. These storage are setup in RAID10 industry setting which provides faster site performance and better protection of your data.


6. 100GB/150GB/200GB Monthly Data Transfer

Depending on which plan you sign up for, you will get different amount of monthly data transfer in your account. Data transfer is the amount of data that is transferred between your website and your visitors browser. If the file size of your webpage is 500KB and the page also makes use of two 50KB images, then every visitor to the page will download 60KB of data.

The more visitors your website has, the higher monthly data transfer you will need!


7. Responsive Design

The eCommerce website created by us are in responsive design, which means the website will adapt to the layout when it is browsed using mobile, tablets and desktop. This makes sure your website does not display in full desktop view while in mobile so it is not hard to navigate.

Responsive design is NOT mobile app. Besides, this doesn’t guarantee your website will have full functionality in every single mobile devices in the world.


8. 2/4/6 Sliding Banners Design

In your homepage, we will design insert the fancy sliding banners to enhance your website’s first impression. The number of banners we will design for you depend on your plan. Any additional banner you require us to design will be charged at extra.


9. SEO Friendly & Auto Generate Tool

By SEO Friendly, we mean that your website URL will mostly be in canonical URL and not dynamic. This makes sure that your website link is readable by most search engine.

By having SEO Auto Generate Tool, you can easily use it to generate Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and URL by a single mouse click, which saves you A LOT of time!

Both of these doesn’t mean that we will do any keyword research or manual SEO write-up for you, and it doesn’t guarantee ranking!


10. Bulk Upload Products

Uploading product 1 by 1 in the web user interface may be easy but it is also time consuming when you have more than 50 products to upload in 1 shot. With this feature, you can use Excel in .csv format to upload all your products easily.


11. Zopim Live Chat System

We are using Zopim Live Chat system so that you can chat with your visitor in real time in your website if you want. This feature can also be disabled. Your Zopim Live Chat account is Lite Plan and can only have 1 agent and 1 concurrent chat, should you need more, you can always upgrade your plan with Zopim.


12. Support Multiple Payment Gateways

Our eCommerce system supports multiple payment gateways, those included FREE are: Manual Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, Free Checkout, Amazon Payments, Authorize.Net, Moneybookers, PayPal, PayPoint, SagePay and 2Checkout.

For Malaysia customers, the system also support MOLPay, Webcash, iPay88 and eGHL payment gateway. However, the sign-up fee for these payment gateway is NOT INCLUDED.

If and only if you apply MOLPay or iPay88 payment gateway account through us, you will be eligible for free integration. Else, we will charge RM500 one time fee for payment gateway integration.


13. Product Filter & Refine Search

The only filter that the default system has is browse by category, sub-categories or by brand. With product filter and refine search, your visitors can refine their products search by options, such as filter the product list by colors, size and price.

Example: Your customers can scope down his search by specifying Blue Color, M Size and below RM500, then every products which fulfilled this criteria will be shown.


14. Social Accounts Login

With social accounts login, we will install the module to your eCommerce website. By default, we will place it on the bottom of the site, if you wish to place it on your preferred custom position, we will charge RM100 one-time fee for customization.

This feature allows your visitors to sign-up or login with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, LinkedIn or Pinterest account without needing to register an account in your online store. This feature can be disabled.


15. Facebook Store

For Deluxe and Ultimate plan customers only. Upon request, we can install a new ‘tab’ or Facebook App on your Facebook Page which will link to your online store.

We can also create an integrated store within the Facebook app however, this can only pull 20 products from your store and the design is limited by Facebook restrictions, so it will not follow your website’s design.

Should you need more products to be pulled to Facebook, you can contact us for more information on the pricing plan.


16. Special Promotions Tool

Only for Ultimate plan customers. Special promotions tool allow you to create variety types of promotions based on cart rules, rather than just simple coupon and discount.

For example,
– Buy 1 free 1
– Buy 3 iPod Classic and get iPod Touch for Free!
– Each 2-nd iPhone 20% off!
– Spend $200$ or more and get $30 off and Free shipping!
– All jeans category products 50% off at School Holidays!
– Discount for first order!
– And many more!


17. Auto Photo Watermark

Only for Ultimate plan customers. All images you uploaded will be automatically watermarked with your Logo, text or any images you have set in the system. This saves you time so that you no longer need to edit every single images by adding your own watermark.


18. Auto Follow Up (Abandoned Cart)

Only for Ultimate plan customers. Did you know 90% of the sales in eCommerce stores are lost in the Cart/Checkout page? With this feature, you can now view customers who abandoned their cart or exit while on checkout page and send them a follow up email automatically, and even offer the a coupon for discount to bring them back!


19. Secured Site with SSL Certificate

Only for Ultimate plan customers. Your plan include 1 SSL Certificate which can help to secure your website on information transfer between your visitors and your server. It will also display a padlock on the visitors’ browser to strengthen their confidence in buying from your online store!


20. On-Page SEO Optimizations

Only for Ultimate plan customers. With our help, you can provide us with up to 3 keywords of your choice, and we will optimize the Meta Title and Meta description of 10 of your products for free! Any additional keywords or products optimizations will be charge at extra.


21. Search Engine Submission

Only for Ultimate plan customers. We will submit your completed eCommerce website to more than 20 search engines for FREE upon request.


22. RM300 Google Advertising Credit

Only for Ultimate plan customers. Your new eCommerce website couldn’t have traffic and visits without advertising and promotion! Upon request, we will spend RM300 in a month to advertise your website in Google AdWords. With your own chosen keywords, your website will appear in Google search result! This service will be fully manage by us!


23. Business and Marketing Consultation with our Experts

Only for Ultimate plan customers. Our team are made up of industry experts and eCommerce professional who have great experience in business marketing and eCommerce marketing.

Consult us any time by sending us an email and we will assist you with our knowledge as much as we can!


24.  Email and Phone Support

Support is provided for free to all customers for all plans. Email is the only support we can provide for Professional plan customers, while Deluxe and Ultimate plan customers can call us on our business hours for support issues.

However, take note that support and customization/feature requests are different. If you need customizations or require new features, this will be charged at extra.